The Art Gallery

How is an art gallery born?

It is born out of love, like all good things. The Sphere was born like this.

Many years have passed; Mario and Liliana are gone. However, their legacy is not lost.

The Civic Gallery of Modena, created from Mario's will, continues to preserve and promote art in the city. In 2020 La Sfera was also reborn.

Today, as back then, La Sfera is not a simple gallery: it is a project of sharing, culture and experimentation.

This is why we want to open our doors to experienced and novice collectors, art lovers and emerging artists.

Do you want to know us, collaborate with us, would you like more information about the artists in the catalogue? Are you interested in one or more pieces from the collection? We will be happy to welcome you by appointment in the physical spaces of the gallery.

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